Culture Core Equipment

Shel Lab Shaker/Incubators:

This is a refrigerated shaker/incubator co-developed by the Stevens Lab and equipment manufacturer. These incubators increase the efficiency of baculovirus transfection/infection with optimized temperature and shaking speed. They are essential for baculovirus transfection, small scale expression and titer assay.

Millipore Guava® easyCyte Flow Cytometers:

This is a critical piece of equipment validated in this lab for measuring G protein-coupled receptor (protein) expression on cell surface and whole cells. The method is so robust that, in many cases, the data can be directly correlated with actual expression of the protein in insect and mammalian cells. The Guava also gives important cell viability data while measuring expression.

Cold Room:

As a cell culture center, we know how important it is to maintain low and steady temperatures! Our advanced, digitally monitored cold room allows us to keep media, reagents, and viruses in a very well-controlled and stable environment.

Liquid Nitrogen tanks for Cell Banking:

These two liquid nitrogen tanks are constantly maintained to preserve our stock cell banks in vapor phase for baculolvirus and mammalian expression. Also maintained are different types of mammalian beta cells for our cellular imaging projects.

Bio-Rad cell Counter:

Besides our Guavas for cell counting and expression analysis, this easy-to-use cell counter provides us a quick and reliable way of measuring cell counts and viability for samples stained with Trypan Blue.

New Brunswick Shakers (Eppendorf):

43R, 44R Shakers

Beckman Coulter Centrifuges:

  • 1L J6-MI
  • Allegra X-15R
  • Sorvall RC-12BP+ Centrifuge

CO2 Incubators

CO2 Shakers