Radio Ligands Binding Assay

GPCR/ Membrane protein radiolabelled ligand assay/ Ligand screening

*The rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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GPCR Radioligand Binding Assays $30/plate $50/plate $70/plate
GPCR Radioligand Dose Response $60/plate* $90/plate* $150/plate*

  • GPCR Radioligand Binding high-throughput screen (HTS) detects compound interaction with high accuracy. A single 96well plate can measure binding for 23 test compounds and one control compound in quadruplicate. The positive hits from HTS can be used for dose response measurement, which provides KD and Ki.
  • The dose response curves are done in triplicate and can test 8 compounds/plate (3 plates total for n=3).
  • Ligands can be screened in a high throughput manner in a short period of time.
  • * Cost for Dose response assay may vary depending on the ligand we use for any specific project. Please consult us for more specific pricing.

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