Package 3:
Crystal Optimization, Harvesting and Data Collection

*The rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Broad crystallization screen USC Users/Collaboration Non profit org/ Collaboration Industry/ Collaboration
Full service provided
(vapor diffusion)
$2040 $2600 $5070
Full service provided
$2040 $2600 $5070

  • If any crystal is observed, the scientist will take on the optimization of the crystal(s) for quality diffraction (Cryo conditions will also be screened and optimized for soluble protein).
  • We will coordinate a data collection time for your project at a synchrotron facility.
  • Samples will be harvested and shipped to synchrotron for data collection.
  • The collected data at the obtained resolution will be delivered to the customer.
  • It includes all the consumables, materials, preparation of cryo solutions, pins, cassettes / pucks and
    scientist time

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