Data Collection

*The rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Services USC Users/ Collaboration Non profit org/ Collaborator Industry/ Collaborators
Onsite $1300 $1700 $2800
Remote $500 $750 $2000

  • This service includes screening and data collection of 50 crystals within 5 hours, shipping of the dewar, scientists time and travel expenses (for onsite visit).
  • We will collect diffraction images from your crystals to be processed further for structural determination.
  • We can coordinate a data collection time for your project at a synchrotron facility. Non-academic clients can contact the synchrotron facility to purchase beamtime for data collection or we can help you to purchase it based on the synchrotron's regulations.
  • We have frequent access to three of the major national synchrotron facilities, namely APS, SSRL and LCLS for Use of X-ray or X-FEL (X-Ray Free Electron Laser) for data collection. We also have access to in-house X-ray beam at USC.

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