Package 2:
Vapor Diffusion Crystallization

*The rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Broad crystallization screen USC Users/Collaboration Non profit org/ Collaboration Industry/ Collaboration
Full service provided $640/20 plates $800/20 plates $2370/20 plates

  • Includes crystallization screening of your target protein against 10 selected 96-well screens (3 drops per well; 2880 drops) both at 20 °C and 4 °C. Vapor Diffusion Crystallization Screens >>
  • Plates will be imaged on 0, 1, 3, 7, 14, 21 and 31 day after setup.
  • Experts will monitor images and the results will be discussed with the collaborators for further experiments.
  • User should provide at least 40 µL of protein/plate at 10 mg/mL or higher concentration

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